Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

Our Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution team is highly experienced and has handled numerous cases throughout the years, in all sectors of activity, but mainly in corporate and commercial, retrocession of buildings construction, real estate, pharmaceutical, employment, data protection, IP (Intellectual Property) and antitrust.

Corporate & Commercial, M&A

Our firm has advised, assisted and represented clients in various corporate and commercial matters, from Trade Registry formalities and corporate establishments, to business arrangements, company management and day-to-day corporate operations.
Via mergers and acquisitions, we negotiate and draft all transaction documents, financing arrangements and due diligence for share and asset purchases.
The legal services our law firm provides also include assisting and representing clients during procedures related to dissolution and liquidations.
Our firm’s lawyers have experience in drafting and revising different types of contracts and documents in a broad spectrum of industries, such as: marketing & media, IT, IP, transportation, human resources (individual employment contracts and job descriptions, company internal regulations, contracting temporary work agencies’ services), pharmaceutical, agricultural and livestock industry. Our services also incude drafting and revising addendums, notices on all contractual aspects, including termination.

Real Estate & Construction

Our firm’s Real Estate team provides legal services and assistance in a wide spectrum of Real Estate & Construction matters, acquisition and disposition, financing, leasing and development.
Due dilligence of the ownership documentation, assisting clients during negotiations, drafting and revising sales and purchase agreements, as well as lease (tennancy) agreements are part of the legal services we provide. Our expertise also includes legal services to clients interested in lands outside of the built-up area and with agricultural destinations.

Employment and Social Security

The key areas in which our Employment and Social Security team advises are the following: employment contracts and terminations, vocational training issues, restructuring and reorganization documentation, employment discipline procedures (assisting the client during the meeting with the employee, drafting and revising the disciplinary documentation), employment litigation and day-to-day employment/ labour advice.

IP, Competition & Antitrust

The activities that our law firm performs in the Intellectual Property area include the following: assistance in verifying the availability of an industrial brand; assistance regarding the registration procedure of an industrial brand at OSIM as well as any other adjacent activities necessary in obtaining the certificate of registration of the trademark.
In what concerns the Competition area, our law firm provides consultancy regarding certain types of activity that may have an impact in view of competition law (i.e. such as tying sales), assistance during acquisition of certain assets and goodwills which may have anti-competitive effects (i.e. such as economic concentrations), as well as drafting the necessary notifications to the Competition Council.