Adrian Bălănoiu – Managing Partner

Adrian is a litigator with a wide experience before all levels of the courts. He has handled a multitude of complex trials. Adrian is frequently involved in high profile and complex cases and has appeared before all levels of the court system. His practice incorporates mediation and arbitration as key elements of dispute resolution.

Since the beginning of his career, he has worked on a series of disputes regarding the retrocession of buildings. He provides clients with strategic advice designed to resolve corporate/commercial, administrative disputes, securities and real estate disputes. He has a strong background of successfully defending his clients’ interests in complex litigations in these areas, before the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, Tribunal and Arbitration Court.

During his career, he demonstrated expertise in a variety matters, such as oil industry disputes, real estate disputes, contract claims, construction disputes, real estate transactions, commercial arbitrations and intellectual property disputes. His experience includes representing parties in regulatory proceedings involving retrocession of buildings, estate administration projects to assisting clients in resolving their concerns.

He also has a strong background in corporate/commercial and business law. With a track record of successful transactions spanning global firms and numerous industries, his clients value his unwavering commitment to excellence and long-term planning to support their current and future business needs.


Faculty of Law, Bachelor’s Degree (L.L.B.), 2001
Bucharest Bar Association, 2003
Mediation cs, Arbitration Court, 2006

Spoken Languages: Romanian and English.

E-mail address: adrian [@]

Irina Bălănoiu – Senior Partner

Irina is a business lawyer. She works collaboratively to find cost effective and far sighted solutions. Irina understands how seriously personal and extraneous legal problems can impact a client and their business objectives. In these matters she is experienced at finding the right perspective and legal pathway to guide the client through these problems and beyond.

She has represented a variety of clients, (private companies and public authorities), with diverse business interests from administrative and fiscal, manufacturing, construction, pharmaceutical, banking and leasing, sales and marketing, technology, transportation and constitutional matters.

Her transactional experience is extensive and includes incorporations, re-organizations, partnerships, shareholders’ agreements, joint ventures, the purchase and sale of businesses, tax and financial matters, commercial transactions, insolvency, debt collection and estate matters.

As a corporate and commercial lawyer, Irina has considerable experience advising private companies on tendering law, mergers and acquisitions as well as corporate governance issues in various industries such as real estate, transportation, insurance, media and entertainment.

Clients seek her advice on a wide range of legal matters related to corporate finance and secured transactions.


Faculty of Law, Bachelor’s Degree (L.L.B.), 2002
Bucharest Bar Association, 2003
Master’s Degree (L.L.M.), Commercial Law, 2003
Master’s Degree (L.L.M.), Business Law, 2003

Spoken Languages: Romanian and English.

E-mail address: irina [@]

Alin Anghel - Senior Associate

Alin is a member of our legal team since 2010, starting out as a member of the litigation team, then over time successfully combining work as a litigator and providing legal advice to clients. As an associate lawyer, he gained a wide experience in fields like corporate & commercial and M&A, as well as employment Law.

Alin is assisting and representing clients in mediation stage, at every level of courts and state authorities in civil, commercial, insolvency, bankruptcy and labor cases, having experience in: different operations and corporate formalities at the Trade Registry, business arrangements and management appointment, corporate mergers and acquisitions; employment litigation cases and day-to-day employment occurrences, pensions, company internal regulations; drafting and revising goods and service agreements. He participates in meetings of shareholders and advises when the resolution by the general meeting of shareholders are adopted.

He is regularly consulted for advice on termination packages, employment contracts, wrongful dismissal claims, disciplinary measures, and other issues arising in the workplace.

Alin also provides legal assistance and representation to corporate clients in litigation on administrative and debt recovery, including in the settlement of amicable transactions in these matters.


Faculty of Law, Bachelor’s Degree (L.L.B.), 2006
Bucharest Bar Association, 2008
Master’s Degree (L.L.M.), Business Law, University Romano-Americana – Law School, 2008

Spoken Languages: Romanian and English.

E-mail address: anghel.alin[@]

Dragoș-Ioan Moroșanu - Senior Associate

Dragos joined our team in February 2013 and his main practice area is corporate & commercial and real estate, having participated in various consultancy projects, such as real estate due diligence projects that involved legal checks for the acquisition of several large companies in Romania, drafting of legal documents regarding the development for a well-known residential complex.

His main activity revolves around providing legal consultancy in corporate matters, such as: drafting and reviewing contracts, drafting of legal opinions on various matters, as aspects of marketing / advertising, acquisitions, competition and antitrust issues (in relation to corporate shares and goodwill purchases on market), as well as internal company issues (i.e preparation of all aspects relating to general meetings of shareholders).
Dragoș, also, provides daily consultancy for an award-winning real estate developer, which promotes new architectural concepts on the Romanian market.
In his activity, Dragoș participated in the elaboration of proposals to amend legislative projects in key sectors and also in the drafting of exceptions of unconstitutionality.
Dragoș has been involved in various claims regarding company law/ insolvency law and also in multiple administrative litigation cases that concern administrative documents issued in relation to the pharma industry.
Another notable activity of Dragoș consists in providing consultancy in the case of one of the largest Company takeover in pharma, thus designated by the specialized publications.
Other activities currently performed by Dragoș concern aspects regarding intellectual property, such as trademark checks and registration (OSIM and EUIPO) and also drafting opinions during opposition procedures.
Dragoș has a long-time experience in mobile advertising matters, such as providing consultancy in the registration of initial/ modifying notices at RNPM and in all complementary aspects, such as drafting of mobile mortgage claims and contracts, forced enforcements and other.


Faculty of Law, Bachelor’s Degree (L.L.B.), University of Bucharest, 2012
Bucharest Bar Association, February 2013

Spoken Languages: Romanian and English.

E-mail address: dragos.morosanu[@]

Alexandra Lupu - Senior Associate

Alexandra joined our team in July 2013 and her main practice area is corporate & commercial. Alexandra is actively assisting clients on diverse corporate day-to-day operations and on general contracts and commercial legal aspects, having experience in: drafting, negotiating and revising offices and commercial lease agreements, as well as goods and service agreements; personal data protection issues, employment and marketing matters; advising and giving legal standpoints on day-to-day issues concerning personal data protection (consent and information forms, lawfulness of processing; rights of the data subject); drafting legal disputes and notices.
She also participated in different projects on specific matters, such as: (i) shaping commentaries and point of views regarding different legislative initiatives on healthcare matters, petitions and answers in relation to the healthcare authorities, on issues concerning pharmaceutical control and/or performance of the pharmaceutical/ medicinal products supply agreements, (ii) real estate development documentation for a large residential complex, from real estate purchase agreements to internal regulations, codes of conduct and complex administration and maintenance agreements with service providers, (iii) investigation for comparative advertising and unfair commercial practices by the relevant authority and subsequent court case documentation, (iv) investigation on personal data protection by the supervisory authority and subsequent court case documentation, (v) employment discipline documentation and individual dismissal procedures, (vi) worker training agreements and subsequent court case documentation and debates.


Faculty of Law, Bachelor’s Degree (L.L.B.), University of Bucharest, 2012
Bucharest Bar Association, February 2013
Master’s Degree (L.L.M.), Business Law, Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, 2013.

Spoken Languages: Romanian and English.

E-mail address: alexandra.titu [@]

Iulia Moldovan - Senior Associate

As part of the team since March, 2019, Iulia focuses on consultancy projects regarding commercial and corporate law matters, legally assisting a pharmaceutical company, having experience in revising service agreements, lease agreements, sales and purchase agreements. She also assisted the companies in selecting, reviewing and submitting the information and documents requested by due diligence or bidding processes.
Iulia’s activity consists mostly in drafting and reviewing legal documents and contracts, as well as in conducting legal research on certain topics of interest and providing day-to-day assistance on various civil matters, as well as corporate internal organization issues.
She also drafted addresses for public institutions and authorities in order to clarify the interpretation and application of unclear law norms, including the legislative proposal.
In addition, she advises on competition law and real estate related issues in the framework of due diligences, as well as on implementing the data protection legislation.
Besides, Iulia represents clients before the court and other legal entities, such as insolvency practitioners, public bailiffs and public notaries. In this regard, she fills complaints and petitions on civil, commercial and administrative matters, for a first trial and for appealing the first court solutions. Furthermore, Iulia is filling debt declarations and payment requests in order to recover the debts of the debtors found in insolvency procedure, as well as requests of approval of forced execution of the debtor and the execution of the pledges.


Faculty of Law, Bachelor’s Degree (L.L.B.), University of Bucharest
Bucharest Bar Association, March 2018
Master’s Degree (L.L.M.), Private Law, Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, d.c.

Spoken Languages: Romanian, English and French

E-mail address: iulia.moldovan [@]