Who we are

Bălănoiu and Associates is a Bucharest-based law firm that offers complete legal services. We focus on business law, real estate law, employment and social security law, competition law, commercial or civil litigation and arbitration, as well as dispute resolution. The firm’s activity is oriented towards providing quality services to Romanian or foreign companies of all sizes and structures, which rely on us for legal support in carrying out their activities and solving different disputes.

Trust All The Way

Building a real business relationship is vital for us to meet the needs of our clients. This means working as a team with the clients’ management staff involved but also with the clients’ employees, gaining and maintaining their trust, getting to know their business in relevant details. Based on a dynamic, approachable and down-to-earth team, the goal of our law firm is to provide legal services to the highest standards, always considering minimizing fees to clients.

We emphasize the importance of partnership by working closely with internal and external specialists, but also with the clients’ consultants, to ensure that we not only understand the clients’ goals and needs, but also that we can help them achieve them.